Yellow Dot Cafe

206.381.9200 (South Lake Union)
206.588.0659 (Fremont)

Seattle - Jan. 13, 2016 -  Yellow Dot Café has won the Culture Trip Seattle Local Favorite 2015 award!  "Established in 2010, Yellow Dot Café takes pride in its freshly baked cookies, organic breads, soups made from scratch, and turkey, chicken, and BBQs freshly cooked on site daily. Made-to-order hearty breakfast burritos that are served piping hot, delicious bagels and cream cheese, and wonderful breakfast muffins like the Morning Glory, a caramelized brown sugar muffin top with a moist carrot and fruit bedecked cake, make Yellow Dot a popular stop in the morning. They also make excellent mochas, including the amazing Hawaiian Mocha, and the honey almond latte, the house specialty, is another favorite. The staff are always friendly, and during non-peak times will be very quick. In addition, the café has a reward card for regulars, who can get a free sandwich or combo after buying ten. Like many great places in the area, the Yellow Dot gets particularly crowded during Amazon’s lunch hours thanks to the company’s abundance of hungry employees, so if you want to avoid a long wait, it’s wise to visit the café at different times."

Seattle - Jan. 9, 2016 - Happy New Year 2016 Everyone! As the first new year resolution, we are launching a brand new Online Catering Page to simplify the catering ordering process for you. You can now order 24x7 online on your computer or even on your phone. Give it a try and let us know what you think. If you still prefer email ( or call us to order, you are welcome as usual.